Buy Huawei P8 in Kenya

The war in the “premium” mid-range fragment is progressing and always warming up, as more organizations are pushing out gadgets that appear to be competing for reputation in this new, aggressive space. Asus and Alcatel have been triumphant how conveyed in the Zenfone 2 and Onetouch Idol 3 separately, yet now it’s Huawei’s swing to show shoppers what it can counter with, and you will find out the best way to buy Smartphones in Kenya in this article.

Why buy Huawei P8?

New off the arrival of its late top of the line offering in the P8, the organization retools the handset to oblige an essentially more aggressive value purpose of 23,000 Shs inside and out – an apparently legitimate move to keep it in great light with alternate alternatives that have as of now been ended up being fruitful. From the iPhone to a 2,000 Shs Nokia, each smartphone is made in China. Motorola endeavored to take fabricating back to the US with the dispatch of the first Moto X, however that wound up just enduring a year in Kenya. The inevitable truth is that China keeps costs low, and in the journey for more benefits, each and every piece checks in Kenyan market.

Various Chinese brands have had a go at making a sprinkle in the US and UK from Lenovo to OnePlus. While it is awesome to buy Xiaomi at long last offer its smartphones and tablets in the West, the adage “In the event that it isn’t broke, don’t alter it” rings a bell. Huawei, then again, has effectively broken out of its shell by dispatching an online store last June, and offering the Ascend Mate 2 to clients in the US. Picture quality is entirely diverse between the two. The Idol 3’s shots demonstrated uniform sharpness and low picture commotion in an assortment of settings.

Shots brought with the P8, then again, tend to look delicate in anything other than splendid open air light, and, after it’s all said and done I saw some gentle picture commotion dotting on level white surfaces smartphones in Kenya. Turning down the lights truly uncovered the P8 Lite’s blemishes, as picture commotion gets to be overpowering and ease back shade speeds lead to a delicate shot as a general rule. Video determination finishes out at 1080p with frame rates floating near 26 outlines for every second you buy. Footage additionally demonstrates a great deal of grain and a few issues with white equalization in all the more difficult lighting.

Software and other features

  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • EMUI 3.0 user interface
  • 16GB of internal storage, expandable up to 32GB via microSD
  • Dual-SIM
  • 13-megapixel
  • 5-megapixel

It’s truly standard given its cost in Kenya. The presentation is splendid, has a wide review point, and is receptive to the touch. Upon nearer review, you can see pixilation with application symbols and pictures and content has obvious associating on the edges of letters. In any case, great smartphone buyers aren’t going to take a gander at their smartphones under an amplifying glass at any given time. When all is said in done, the showcase is clear and sufficiently sharp to give a happy with review experience to pictures, recordings and amusements.

Amid my time with it, nonetheless, my survey unit got a bit glitch now and again. Despite the fact that it just happened once in a while, I’ve seen a little white line glimmer at the base of the screen. It for the most part stops after I dispatch or close an application, or when I pull the warnings shade down, yet it disturbing and diverting every time it happens in Kenya.


Bezels are not out of the ordinary, yet a fairly thick dark bezel wraps around the whole show. Tapping on the showcase requires somewhat more compel than on different smartphones in Kenya  I’ve experienced, and I oftentimes wound up doubling tap for something to happen. This was especially irritating when writing on the console, and seeing the spacebar never enrolled in the wake of making a mix of words.

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