Buy iPhone 6s in Kenya

After overhauling our iPhone 6 to iOS 9 we returned to the handset to perceive how it was getting on in Kenya. We’ve overhauled our survey with the discoveries, and its new rivalry in the iPhone SE. Why do we buy the Apple iPhone 6? All things considered, in 2013, regardless of record deals, the Cupertino brand was setting out for a fall. The brand had been exchanging on the same smartphone in Kenya for a long time, and something significant was expected to keep it current.

So with that, the iPhone compaired with the iPhone 6 Plus, where the main aim was to make Apple the best in Kenya and beyond. These phones have extra large screen smartphones with a cunning and premium outline. However, the phones still have a big screen and still it’s worth to hold. With fast execution, an incredible showcase, an exquisite new outline and a greatly required programming redesign, it’s one of the best smartphones in Kenya you can purchase at this moment. We wish it had the same long battery life as the iPhone 6 Plus (also its optical picture adjustment) but rather and still, after all, that, the iPhone 6 is still the better decision for the vast majority.

iPhone Specifications:

4.7 inches

8 MP

16/64/128 GB

1810 mAh battery

iOS 8

Why buy an iPhone 6 64GB in Kenya

However, while the iPhone 6 has addressed a considerable measure of the issues I’ve had with past emphasis of Apple’s handsets, there are a few issues that in any case whirled when I took care of the smartphone surprisingly – and a significant number of them endure even now that the iPhone 6 has been superseded.

Why did Apple choose not to join the masses with a truly high-res screen? Why is the iPhone 6 still a standout amongst the most costly smartphones available in Kenya? Has Apple done what’s needed to enhance the very desperate battery life of past models, particularly during an era when some top of the line Android smartphones are effortlessly chugging during a time’s hard use without yearning for a charger’s touch?

Sound quality from the single speaker is perceptibly superior to from the littler iPhone 6 – surely it’s among the best we’ve listened. Having said that, front-mounted stereo speakers may convey a stunningly better sound experience. This was chafing when attempting to diversion or watch a motion picture without earphones on more established iPhones – yet this update, consolidated with the softness of the iPhone 6, implies you won’t have a comparative issue generally, as the hands sit lower and free of the speaker for the most part.

The screen involves a particle fortified glass front that bends down to meet the handset’s aluminum edges. These like this bend into the back of the smartphone, whose metal field is broken by plastic radio wire strips, in addition to the camera lens and TrueTone LED streak unit. The camera lens distends somewhat, which implies that when the handset is level on a work area, it rocks from side to side as you tap the screen in a way we discovered entirely irritating.

There’s nothing Apple could have done about this separated from expansion the thickness of the handset, which is not something we’d have gotten a kick out of the chance to see. The 7.1mm-thick skeleton is one of the iPhone 6 Plus’ amazing outline highlights.


Give me a chance to make one thing clear, however: the Apple iPhone 6 is another notable handset as far as an outline for Apple in Kenya. It’s not the most attractive available (despite everything I’m giving that title to the HTC One M9). However, it’s certainly up there, and at the cost, I’d expect nothing less in the smartphone industry in Kenya.

You can get the iPhone 6 in Space Gray (the shading I’ve had on test here), or the more standard Silver. There’s no more a Gold model accessible, and nor do you access the awesome Rose Gold shading choice that appeared with the iPhone 6S.

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