Infinix Zero 3

This phone exemplifies modernity in every aspect. It reveals some of the best qualities that a modern phone should have. Buying Infinix X552 will fully change your experience with a smartphone, and you will enjoy every feature it comes with. It is one of the most influential releases, and this is proved by its features. It has an excellent camera both the front and the back. The phone is also good in performance because of its processor. It will give you its services without any lag whatsoever. You will enjoy every bit with this phone because all its services are impressive. You can find out more about this phone including prices in this review section.

Summary information.


  • IPS, capacitive
  • FHD
  • 5 inches.

OS and processor

  • OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Processor: Octa-core
  • Performance: 2.2 GHz


  • Primary: 20.7 MP
  • Secondary: 5MP


  • Networks: 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Micro USB


  • 3030mAh


142×70.2x 7.1 mm slender design.

infinix-note-2It is so true that the general appearance of the phone has a lot to tell about what is inside. As you may have noticed, best phones in the world have the best design ever, and they are just attractive to the eyes when you look at them. It is, therefore, impossible to neglect that the design of the phone is one of the strategic selling points of any phone. When it comes to Zero 3, this fact is proved because reasonable efforts have been spent towards ensuring that this phone offers the most convenient design. None of its visible design is without reason.

It has smooth edges which are done deliberately to ensure that this phone feels comfortable to carry every time. With a thickness of only 7.1 mm, this phone is highly presentable and appears so beautiful in the slim design. It is made up of aluminum bordering and Gorilla glass. It also offers you an opportunity to stick to the color of your choice. It comes colored differently. The colors available are white, black, blue, red, purple and gold.

Super AMOLED Corning Gorilla Glass, 5.5” capacitive touch screen display.

To achieve the best display, this phone has employed so much creativity. You can be sure that the phone provides a very convenient display which enables you to enjoy all the services presented by the screen. Before going deeper into the technology, let’s begin with the visible part. The phone comes with 5.5-inch screen length. This size is just sufficient to give you great display because it is spacious enough. It is not too large but again it is not too small. So it gives you an average length which does not deprive the portability of the phone. You can, therefore, find pleasure watching videos wherever you are.

Going deeper now, the screen is fully loaded to give you a very appealing display. It has a resolution of 1920×1080 which is the resolution of full HD also available in most modern TV sets. The screen offers the best clarity and has got the very wide color range. This makes it possible for the videos to have some relevance because each image exhibits is original color. The IPS technology is available to ensure wider viewing angle. The screen is made up from Gorilla glass which makes it very sensitive and scratches resistant. It is therefore very exciting using this phone because of its amazing display.

Performance: Octa-core cortex –A7 2.2 GHz processor and Android 5.1


This Zero 3 model is renowned for its excellent performance. This is because it comes with a very powerful processor. You will enjoy all the services provided by this phone because all of them are fast and with great accuracy. This is the role of the processor. It ensures that everything is functional according to its capability. There is usually no malfunctions especially when the processor is powerful as in this phone.

The name of the processor is Octa-core cortex and Media Tek.  It ensures that this phone maintains top speed for all applications. It is also possible to run many games with this phone. Even some games which may not be supported by phones with lower performance will play with this phone. If you love phone games, you will highly benefit from having this phone. The performance is also boosted by its operating system. This OS is among the latest Android versions and ensures that the performance of this phone is high. The OS is version is 5.1 Lollipop and serves as the basis for this phones great performance.

20.7 MP Primary Camera, 5MP secondary camera

Having a phone that can grace your occasions and outings with beautiful photography is the way to go in the modern technology trends. Phones are really in the race of taking the upper hand as far as photography, and video shooting is concerned. Are you aware that you can shoot a high definition video, edit it and even put it on YouTube? This is how much technology has advanced, and by buying such a phone like Infinix Zero 3, this becomes a reality. The cameras of this phone is a major selling point because the back camera can mainly record videos in ultra-high definition.

You can take great advantage of this camera because of its effectiveness. You can record videos for use on a commercial basis and achieve impressive results. Just to reveal a secret to you, some of the HD videos you watch on YouTube have been recorded using phones. Moreover, this is one of the phones that can do that job. Even the front camera is superb and will also offer highly clear pictures and videos. You can have quality recordings of oneself, and hence become even motivated in your career pursuits.

16GB internal memory, 3GB RAM


This phone provides you enough capacity to store your files. Having such a great camera requires space to store recorded videos and photos. Even before acquiring a memory card, this phone comes with enough storage capacity of 16GB. You can use it to store applications and other files without exhausting it. When you run out of this memory, you can consider buying a memory card to boost the memory and to be able to store more files. This phone can successfully support a memory of between 64GB to 128GB though it is suited to accommodating even bigger capacity memory cards.

The phone too has enough RAM space. It exceeds those of most regular phones because most phones offer a maximum of 2GB. This feature further proves that this phone has the capability to perform faster than most other phones. It is also easier to multitask, or in other words, it is possible and easy to run more than one application at the same time and experience no lags. This phone uses its user interface. The name of this phone’s interface is called XUI, and it provides the needed enhancements on this phone. However, the overall achievement is made possible by the RAM.

Connectivity: 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.


The internet connectivity is among the essential features that a phone should have. The technology focusses on giving phones more speed and wider web services. The Zero 3 is a product of this technology because it has been given lots of internet speeds which is made possible by the networks it comes with. It has the 2G network which is highly useful for regular browsing. It is convenient because it does not use too much of your browsing data yet it can deliver speeds of over 200 kbps.

The 3G and 4G are much faster ad are used mostly for downloads offering speeds of 5mbps and 150mbps respectively. The 4G is the fastest network and can be comfortably used for uplink services as it will afford speed of up to 50 Mbps. The phone also has got Wi-Fi which you can opt to in Wi-Fi zones to save your bundles. Other aspects of connectivity include the Bluetooth and micro USB port which enable inter-device connectivity for fast and efficient file transfer.

Prices review.

It is not wrong to say that the Infinix prices in Kenya are much fair. It possible to find a good phone with all the modern features but happen that such phone is highly affordable. Among them is this phone which too can be said to be very affordable comparative to the features it comes with. Other brands may want to keep their prices higher because they feel confident about their market share, but nothing more you would get in them which you will not find in the Infinix models.

The Zero 3 has proved that it is possible that one day all who find smartphones attractive will get an opportunity to walk away with their best models. So if you are looking for such a phone, I suggest that you go for this one. Its price ranges between KSH 17,500 to KSH 18,500. This price varies across different dealers, but you can try Kilimall because this phone is much cheap there compared to most of other competing dealers.


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