Nokia N8 – The Best Smartphone Camera

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Nokia N8 is an elegant Smartphone with lot of distinguishing features. The outstanding ones are that it is a sleek phone in aluminum casing and to top it all has a 12 megapixel camera. Users will love Nokia N8’s metallic good looks with 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen, which allows you navigate around just with finger glidiing touch.

Nokia N8 is the first Nokia phone with Symbian 3 operating systems. Nokia as a company has spent lot of efforts in improving Symbian but still it falls short of competing operating systems like Android and iPhone.

The Good:

  • Quad band and 3G support
  • Sleek aluminum body
  • 35 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen
  • 12 megapixel camera
  • Symbian 3 operating system
  • Wi Fi support
  • GPS receiver
  • DivX, Xvid , Flash and Java support
  • Display is scratch resistant.

The Bad:

  • Symbian 3 not up to par with Android or iOS
  • Limited apps in Ovi store
  • Battery cannot be replaced by user.
  • Camera face is raised and looks outdated
  • Office document editing software not included


Where To Buy Nokia N8

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Keyboard nightmare

In the portrait mode Nokia N8 only has 12 digit alphanumeric keyboards. Though in looks it can be appealing, however it is very cumbersome to use such keyboards as they reduce the typing speed.


Nokia N8 packs 12 megapixel camera. It has also has xenon flash which is very bright and responds to light conditions very quickly. Flashlight is automatic and whenever backlight conditions are poor it comes on automatically and improves the picture quality. The 720p video recording feature captures live action at 25 frames per second.


N8 has a huge 16GB built in storage. You will never feel the need to have micro SD card storage with N8. It supports micro SD with capacity up to 32GB.

HDMI support

n8 pink

N8 comes with mini HDMI port. You can plug N8 directly to your HDMI TV with supplied adaptor and watch videos and photographs on TV. But you cannot directly upload your photos and videos to Face book and You Tube, which is a small deterrent to the utility of the phone as in comparison to its competitors

Social apps support

With N8 you can see your Facebook and Twitter updates at one place. It also provides for a widget that can be put on the home screen to instantly load the app. Also there is the facility of OVI store that offers a lot of apps but still lags behind Android and iPhone in terms of available apps.

Summing Up: N8 is best touch screen phone from Nokia till date. New version of Symbian is better than earlier version but is still not very user friendly. Hardware in N8 is rock solid and designwise also this is a very strong phone, but it still falls short of its competitors in many respects. Some of the positive and negative attributes are mentioned below

Watch the video of Nokia N8

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